Nowadays you can no longer whether there is wifi. They are continuous wireless online has become a necessity of life. What are the dangers of wifi. That is not entirely known. That is not entirely harmless, according to a simple professor who did danish graders The watercress grow up in a room with a wifi router, it turns disastrous for growing watercress. Of course you're not constantly under the influence of such a high dose of radiation. But it is advisable to identify good that you are dealing with and to reduce the amount significantly. Simple is for example at night to turn off your router, but in addition there is a simple solution.

Additionally, you can measure how high the emissions measured. For this, I have developed a simple app for Android. You can download it from the Google Play store. Google Play Store google play store

Measure this total wifi straing that is in your house. You can see directly which of the neighbors. Is this too high, you can easily convince neighbors that they produce too high a wifi emissions.

 Wifi radiation measuring app for Android


Here is a table that helps you to determine what acceptable values, it is of course up to you what standards you take over: